Sunday, September 25, 2016

Chapter Review: The Constitutional Debate in Virgiania

The constitutional debate pitted Alexander Hamilton arguing against the ratification of the constitution, while James Madison argued for ratification.  The federalist, those for the constitution, had decided that a stronger federal government was needed to ensure the continued existence of our nation.  Those who argued against did not want a more central government which they equated with kings and tyranny.  Edmond randolph spoke for ratification, while George Mason spoke against the document without a Bill of Rights.  James Madison felt his side, the Federalist were winning.  But that was before Patrick Henry stood to talk, and point by point tore the constitution apart.  It was almost to the point of blows between he and Randolph.  However, the next day, Hamilton came back and only spoke of the need for a Bill of Rights, which was put to a vote as an amendment.  The Federalist argued the Bill of Rights could be added after ratification.  However, passing amendments would but all those states who had already ratified the Constitution back in the ratification stage.  The vote for the amendments was close, but did not pass.  With that vote the vote for ratification of the Constitution also passed.  However wise minds prevailed, and a Bill of Rights was added to the constitution.
This is a summary of the chapter in Glenn Beck: Miracles and Massacres: True and Untold Stories of the Making of America.

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