Sunday, April 6, 2014

Documentary Review: 9/11: ***Day that Changed the World

This documentary film is very interesting.  It wasn't produced until ten years after the events of 9/11, but make effective use of interview, and existing video of the day, to tell the story of what the government was doing this day, including the federal government as well as the city government.  The story of president Bush was generally known.  He was at the school talking about their reading program when informed of the attacks.  He then is whisked to Air Force One and basically flown around for a while with a couple of stops, and then returns to Washington.  There are interviews with people from his press entourage, his own press team and others, as well as video footage which document this day.  We also see Dick Cheney at the White House in the bunker.  Sometimes communication was good between the president and the White House, and other times not so good. 
We also have the story of Rudolph Giuliani in New York.  I didn't know that he had actually been caught in the dust cloud in New York, but he was.  At one point there was a worry whether or not he had survived.
Another interesting tidbit is that the Secretary of Defense actually went and helped with rescue efforts, helping carry a stretcher before he realized he should be at his post and communicating with the president.
One must admit the world has been different since 9/11.  Security is more tight.  We have been through two wars; and Afghanistan and Iraq are still unsettled, as well as most of the Middle East.  We as Americans will never take for granted that we are safe from the reach of terrorism.
Great use of video and a great reminder of the horror.  200 people jumped off the towers to avoid the horror of the flame.  Almost 3000 people died that tragic day.
I would recommend this documentary.  It seems to give a more fair and balanced assessment of the day.  It also explains what was happening behind the scenes. 

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