Saturday, April 5, 2014

Documetary Review: Victory at Sea: Full Fathom Five

This is part of a series of TB episodes about WWII.  It was produced by NBC NEWS and first presented in 1953.  It is released now by The History Channel.  There is an added narrator, Peter Graves which seems to have been added after it aired originally as he is in color and the rest in black and white.
This film makes a point that within hours of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the submarine force was given orders and the go ahead to do what ever they could to stop Japanese shipping.  This included the go ahead to torpedo any Japanese vessel.  This documentary talks about the success they had in doing this, and shows many of the torpedo shots.  It also describes the vessels overcoming counter attack by the Japanese destroyers.  52 submarine vessels did not return during the war and were mark lost, presumed dead. 
The original narrator has an attitude of glorifying war, which is OK for 1953  but not so much for today.  However it is fascinating to see men in their environment, doing what they had to do.

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