Friday, April 18, 2014

Documentary: Karl Malone: ESPN

This is an ESPN biographical documentary about Karl Malone.  I really enjoyed watching the combo of Karl Malone and John Stockton for many years.  They came so close.  That game six loss really hurt.  The documentary focused on Michael Jordan overcoming Karl Malone.  It said nothing about the Howard Eisley three-pointer being taken away by the official, which was clearly before the clock, while another shot was allowed for Chicago which was after the 24-second clock.  That turn of five points would have made Jordan's heroics a mute point.  I feel the NBA owes the Jazz a big apology for that one; but it will never come. Don't believe watch her.  The announcers in Spanish agree with my point as the watch the plays.  You would think with instant replay the result would have been different, but I doubt they would have even looked.  The Jazz were cooked.
This documentary reveals several things about Malone's life which I didn't know, including three children from before he came to the NBA.  I watched Malone's career, and how he was so willing to work hard to achieve success. 
Malone and Stockton got to the point where they were poetry in motion.  It was beautiful to watch.  The pick and roll was beautiful, and how many different ways they ran that, back and forth and then cut to the basket.  Fantastic! 
I love watching about Karl Malone, and the additional information was very revealing.  I just wish they would have added the piece about the refs screwing the Jazz.  It wasn't all Jordan.

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