Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Documentary Review: Civil War Ken Burns (9) The Better Angels of Our Nature

This presentation shows several critical elements.  It deals with the aftermath of the Civil War.  John Wilkes Boothe assassinates President Lincoln.  The first sitting president murdered.  Boothe for his own part is shot in the neck a few days later, is paralyzed and dies moments later.  This shows many members of both sides, mostly generals, and what came of them after the war.  Some moved on, and others didn't.  Some had pain from wounds sustained for the remainder of their lives, some of the wounds would eventually kill them.  Shown also were Civil War remembrance days, including a film of the 75th anniversary of Gettysburg.  Those men by this time were very old.  The film also shows the after effects of the war with regards to the Black people.  They had won abolition, but not civil rights.  That struggle would continue for another hundred years.  Such groups as the Klu Klux Klan hindered efforts in this regard, which was too violent for even Nathan Bedford Forrest.  There was still more to pay.

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