Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Documentary Review: Secret Lives

At the start of WWII there were 1.5 million Jewish Children in eastern Europe.  Only one in ten would survive.  All would be effected.  More would have not survived if not for people who stepped forward as rescuers, and took the children in despite the risks to themselves and their neighbors.  For many this risk could have included execution. 
How does a country get to a point where they feel they are entitled to eliminate a race, killing innocent men, women and children by the millions.  They obviously had no humanity. 
This movie is made by a survivor of the holocaust, Aviva Slesen.  She found her rescuers after many years, and decided to find more, as well as those rescued.  She talks to a small group of rescuers as well as rescued.  The stories are fascinating.  The daughter of a rescue family, who resented her parents putting them at risk and the parents being taken away by the Jewish children  The boy who after so many years of silence, at the end of the war grabbed a Dutch flag and took to the streets, "I am Jewish, I am Jewish!"  The girl who couldn't accept her Jewish mother as her mother, she had no hair, was thin and ill, and she was a Catholic.  There are a few who stayed with their rescuers.  There are many who were orphans.  Some were taken in by relatives.  There was a move by the Jewish community that the children be repatriated.  They had lost enough of their people. 
This movie keeps one thinking, and is well presented.  There are no easy answers sometimes.  Every Jew was effected by these horrific events.

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