Friday, June 24, 2016

American Biography: Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone is one of America’s first folk heroes.  He was determined to make his life away from civilization.  He pioneered the trail through Cumberland Gap and into Kentucky.  This was truly Indian Territory, mostly controlled by the Shawnee.  Boone founded the town of Boonesborough.  Here the fort came under attack many times, and at times Boone had to make risky trips for supplies.  Boone paid dearly for his efforts.  He lost two sons, and a brother to Indian attacks.  Boone always thought tales of his exploits were over stated.  He said he was an ordinary man.  However he did kill a bear.  He also survived the Indian Wars when others didn't.  At one point Boone was considered to be a traitor.  On a trip he was captured, and realized they would all be killed.  He arranged for the capture of the rest of his men, and waited for a time to escape.  At another time two of his daughters were abducted, and upon this story was based the tale of the abduction in “Last of the Mohicans.”  Boone really did follow the trail, and save his daughters.  Boone would eventually move father West, to Missouri before Missouri was part of the United States.  He died an old man for the time, age 85, of natural causes.

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