Saturday, June 18, 2016

Documentary Review: Haunted History: Tombstone

This is a 2000 presentation from the History Channel, A&E.
In learning about the ghosts of a community, you also learn about the stories behind the ghosts.  Tombstone was a short lived town in terms of its heyday.  Now it is a tourist town living on the history of those few years in the 1880s.  Of course the most famous incident was the Gunfight at the OK Corral.  This set  a group of spirits, some who do not want to go away.  However there were also jilted lovers, one who shot his girlfriend, and then killed himself.  He had worked for nine months making money so as to marry his girl, and when he returned she had a different boy.  She was only 17 at the time.  He thought he had inflicted a mortal wound to the girlfriend, but she recovered.
Another was a jilted lover, who knew her man was having a fling with another woman.  She worked in a show, but would get away and check on her man.  One day she caught the other woman on his lap.  She said, I am going to cut your heart out, and took a knife and attempted to do just that.  She inflicted a mortal wound to the girl, stabbing her in the heart.  There is a boarding house which was for men only.  It still is not advised that women sleep in this residence because of the animosity of the male spirits.  And then finally an opera house, which produces plays today.  They deal with almost daily mischief from the ghostly visitors.  On one occasion a malevelant ghost went after the owner by choking him.  However usually the ghosts are harmless.

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