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Book Review: A Pictographic History of the Oglala Sioux

Native American Dance

A Pictographic History of the Oglala Sioux drawings by Amos Bad Heart Bull, text by Helen H. Blish, University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, 1967.
This is the most fascinating book.  Amos Bad Heart Bull drew sketches of the history of the Sioux, as he lived, or was told to him.  This pictures depict Crow vs Sioux battles, dances, Little Big Horn, Wounded Knee, Indian ceremonies, Sioux games, Sioux life and much more.  It includes a section of pictures in color, but most are in black and white.  Helen Blish asked the younger sister of Amos Bad Heart Bull if she could study his drawings.  This book is the result.  The originals were buried with the sister.
Victory Dance or Scalp dance, the items displayed are scalps and human parts.

Principle Character, Little Big Horn, George Custer, Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull, picture is symbolic

Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull

Initial Attack by Captain Marcus Reno

This attack is turned by Bad Heart Bull, Kicking Bear and Hard to Hit.  Bad Heart Bull is father of artist, Kicking Bear was at Wounded Knee

This picture shows Crazy Horse in the action

Captain Reno's men in the water

This depicts Crazy Horse killing Custer with a tomahawk.  Custer's was the second thrust at the encampment and was meant to catch them by surprise from behine.  However Gall and Crazy Horse were ready for them.  They did not return and retreat like Captain Reno, and penetrated enough into the Indian warriors that the were surrounded and cut off. 

This depicts the killing of Crazy Horse.  He gave himself up, and thought he would be sent to a reservation.  Instead when they went to jail him he began to resist, he attempted to draw a knife and was bayoneted by a guard

Principal character at Wounded Knee, Chief Kicking Bear and General Nelson Miles with Grant Short Bull in the middle.  I think this is again a symbolic representation

Samples of Ghost Dance outfit which was suppose to stop bullets

Murder of Sitting Bull and his son who was shot while in bed.  Native American Guards came to arrest Sitting Bull for not stopping the Ghost Dance.  There was a struggle and Sitting Bull was killed.  

Ghost Dance Ceremony

Ghost Dance song
Ghost Dancers surrounded by infantry and horse troops  (there were also four gatling guns present)

The Massacre

Women Dancing

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