Thursday, June 23, 2016

Documentary Review: Civil War 360: The Confederacy: Trace Adkins

This is a very poignant presentation of the Civil War from the perspective of the South.  Trace Adkins' great-great grandfather served for the South, and was part of the defense of Vicksburg.  He was one of the 30,000 soldiers surrender to General Ulysses Grant.  Adkins tells other stories from the South.  This includes the presentation of the superiority of the calvary, and the ability of the calvary to attack well behind enemy lines, and bring back supplies.  There is also a presentation of the music of the war.  Maryland, was written as a response to the attacks in Baltimore when civilians were rioting against federal troops.  There is also a section on Jefferson Davis, and his younger wife.
I think the most poignant part of the film was viewing a portrait of General Robert E. Lee.  Adkins points out that there is sadness in his eyes.  Lee was prepared to lead the union, and did not  want Virginia to secede.  However when it did, he decided he could not raise his sword against Virginia.

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