Friday, June 17, 2016

Documentary Review: World War II in Colour: Victory in Europe: Episode 12

As the end of the war approached, the question was which of the Allies was going to claim which territory.  Stalin continued to push for a bigger piece of the pie.  The Nazis faced enemies on three sides, the Russians in the East, the United States and Britain on the West and South.  The Third Reich which was suppose to last a 1000 years was crumbling after five.  As the American finally made it across the Rhine, and moved towards Berlin, they too came across horrendous conditions in the concentrations camps, and piles of bodies who had been systematically killed.  Tough fighting faced the Allies, as well as huge gains, one day 350,000 nazi soldiers were surrendered.  The Russians approached Berlin.  The Battle for Berlin was terrible.  And even after Adolf Hitler and his new wife Eva Braun suicided, the battle in Berlin continued.  In the South the Italians relinquished and surrendered, and finally the Germans did the same.  First to Montgomery, who said he could only accept the surrender of those in front of him.  The surrender of the entire German force would have to include a wider audience.  Victory in Europe Day is May 8, 1945.  The country was split between the Allies, and even though Berlin was within the Russian sector, it too was split.  The other task after the war was to separate the war criminals.  To the Nuremberg Trials was given this task.  Some were sentenced to 10 years in prison, and other hung.  Many more committed suicide to avoid the fate of hanging.

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