Thursday, June 2, 2016

Native American Biography: Crazy Horse: Sioux

Crazy Horse is considered the greatest of the Sioux Chief, who lead his people to a valiant but futile struggle against White encroachment.  He was instrumental in the U.S. Army defeats at Rosebud and Little Big Horn.  Crazy Horse was a warrior with great medicine.  His father His Horse Looking, bestowed upon him his own name.  The Sioux did not face encroachment until after the Civil War.  However then it came upon them very fast.  They were first determined to open the Bozeman Trail, however after a two year struggle they finally closed the trail.  Red Cloud ended the war signing a treaty that they would live on a reservation but that the Black Hills would be Sioux.  Crazy Horse never signed a treaty and never lived on a reservation.  However reports of wealth in the Black Hills area caused the government to have desires for this area.  This started with action against Sioux who lived off of reservations.  His camp took in survivors of this early confrontation.  he vowed he was going to fight.  The first chance case at Rosebud Creek.   General Crook and his men were defeated, and made their way back to their base camp.  The Indians then moved to Little Big Horn, where 15,000 total, 5,000 warriors were gathered.  Little Big Horn was a disaster for the federals.  They were to gather their force on June 26, but Custer did not wait for the other resources and attacked a day early.   Custer's forces were annihilated while the Sioux did not finish off the other troops traveling with him.  SittingBull and Gall retreated to Canada the next spring, but Crazy Horse remained on his own land.  The federals caught up with Crazy Horse and his band in January of 1877, but through brave tactics they were able to escape.  general Crook sent Red Cloud to talk with Crazy Horse.  Crazy Horse finally relented to ease the suffering of his people.  He was taken to an agency, not the reservation as promised.  As Crazy Horse became more nervous, the federals became more cautious.  Finally many men were sent to arrest Crazy Horse.  When it became clear to Crazy Horse that he was not being taken to a meeting but to prison he resisted.  He drew a knife, but in the struggle he was bayonetted and died from his wound.  His band, 2000 strong were being taken to the reservation on the Missouri.  On their way they broke from the lines, and headed to Canada.  the federal force was too small to stop them.    

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