Monday, May 19, 2014

Biography: Cyrus Read Teed

Cyrus Read Teed advocated an idea I had never heard before.  His idea is that we are not living on the crust of the Earth, but the interior of the Earth.  In other words, China is not strait down through the Earth, but strait up through the sky.  After the civil war, he set up a medical herbal practice.  While in his lab he had a divine revelation telling him of his earth core theory.  “To know the earth’s concavity is to know God, while to believe in the earth’s convexity is to deny Him and all His works.”
There is a museum in Florida, where he had set up his new society where the ideas of “Koreshan” are explained.  It is now a state historic site in Florida.
From The Good, The Bad and the Mad: Weird People in American History, E. Randall Floyd, Harbor House Books, Augusta, GA, 1999.

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