Sunday, May 4, 2014

Documentary Review: Victory at Sea: The Fate of Europe

This is a documentary dealing with the latter part of WWII. It was originally shown by NBC News in 1953, and more recently by the History Channel.  This episode deals with the war in Europe, particularly with establishing second fronts with amphibious landings in both in Russia and France.  Sevastopol is an important Russian port on the Black Sea.  It had been taken over by Nazi Germany.  However the Russians were pushing the Nazis back, but in order to flank the Germans the landed an amphibious assault just below Sevastopol.  They were able to retake the peninsula. 
Also to create a second from in France an amphibious force landed in Southern France.  This force included Americans and French forces.  It marked the French Army returning to their own soil.  The invasion took place close to Cannes and Toulon.  They were able to liberate southern France in a couple of weeks. 

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