Thursday, May 29, 2014

Book Review: Gettysburg Address: in Translation

The Gettysburg Address: in Translation; What It Really Means, by: Kay Melchisedech Olson, Fact Finders, Kids’ Translations, Capstone Press, Mankato, MN, 2009.
Gettysburg Address

This is again a children’s book, so only expect an overview.  I don’t like the idea of translating the words.  It is not a true translation, and appears manipulated so the author can express opinion or information he/she wants to without regards for the original document.  However this does include the original words, which sound so much better than the translation, almost poetic. 
There is also a glaring factual error, which is repeated twice.  The author says the battle at Gettysburg was the first in the North of the war.  Antietam was in Maryland the year prior.  Maybe the author thought Maryland was in the South, but her own map and list of states has it in the North.  I don’t know how this could have been missed. 
This is something I need to check out.  The book suggests  You choose your grade level, and then put in the book code, 1429619309 and it will give you links for age appropriate information. 

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