Saturday, May 17, 2014

Documentary Review: Design for Peace; Victory at Sea

This is the last of 26 episodes produced by NBC.  This episode was first released in 1953.  This episode starts with the introduction of a new age.  First the detonation of an atomic bomb in New Mexico, and then the two in Japan.  At that point the emperor for Japan announced to his people that they were going to stop fighting the war to avoid the annihilation of the Japanese people. This was August 14, 1945. 
The formal surrender took place aboard the USS Missouri on September 2 1945.  Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigimitsu signed the surrender instrument for the emperor of Japan.  General Douglas MacArthur signed the document for allied powers, and Admiral Chester Nimitz for the U.S. 
Before showing pictures of the victory celebration, the documentary showed scenes from the horror of war,I am sure using shots from the previous episodes in the documentary series.  Finally there were images of celebration around the world presented.

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