Saturday, May 10, 2014

Crossing the Plains in a Wind Wagon

Kansas was actually know to have wind wagons; although of course horse drawn animals were always more popular.  However, Kansas has an over abundance, and it was determined to take advantage of this.  Samual Peppard probably had the most success.  He was able to utilize the wind to travel.  He was headed to the Colorado gold mines, and made it at least as far as Fort Kearney, perhaps to Denver.  Another wind wagon arrived in Kansas from Westport, Missouri, traveling the Santa Fe trail.
This contraptions were usually small wagons, with a sail over the front axle.  However, some inventors also had the idea of arming the wagons with larger wheels, to better take advantage of the wind.
These wagons first arrived in Denver in 1860.  They really weren't practical  because they had difficulty getting through obstacles, as the tried to follow the wind.

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