Saturday, May 17, 2014

Documentary Review: Suicide for Glory; Victory at Sea

In a last stand, and a last ray of hope, the Japanese sent over 250 kamikaze pilots against the United States fleet off of Okinawa.  In my min there is nothing scarier than a kamikaze.  Someone who has already decided to give up his life, if he can just take some with him.  Almost 200 kamikaze were part of the attack at Okinawa.  They had previously been used in the Philippines.  If the could trade a plane for a ship, then they would be well worth it.  This seemed possible for a time.  24 of the 196 kamikaze crashed into ships.  Many of the others inflicted damage, but were destroyed before striking a vessel.  The Japanese also employed other planes.  The battle for Okinawa was a difficult fight, as the Japanese had 130,000 defenders on the island.  The Americans put 180,000 men on the island.  The also had 300 warships and 1100 other ships.  It was a costly battle.  As many as 125,000 Japanese soldiers were killed.  The U.S. lost 7300 men on land and 5000 at sea, with many more, almost 40,000 wounded.  The leader of the Japanese ground forces killed himself just before the battle was over.  The U.S. lost 36 ships, and 400 others damaged.  They also lost 763 aircraft.  The Japanese lost 4000 planes 16 ships sunk.
This presentation also documents the death of President Franklin Roosevelt. 

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