Friday, July 11, 2014

Biography: Stonewall Jackson

Stonewall Jackson
This is based on the book, “The Good the Bad and the Mad” by E. Floyd Randall.  As such it does not give a very good biography of Stonewall Jackson, but mostly focuses on his eccentricities.  He would always suck lemons, to ease discomfort form an supposed ulcer.  He also believed he was out of balance, and he would try to hold his body in an upright position, preferring to stand than to sit.  He would often hold one arm up to restore his balance.  He used raspberries, milk, plain bread and his lemons to help with his stomach ailments.  Many believed Jackson to by a hypochondriac. 
However, Jackson did have something which allowed him to not fear danger, and to lead men.  His men achieved fame in the Shenandoah Valley where his infantry were called marching Calvary because they could travel so fast.  Jackson was a shy man, a quiet man.  His personal life he kept to himself and his family.  At Chancellorsville Jackson was wounded, shot by his own men while doing reconnaissance.  He was healing from his wounds; his arm was amputated.  However he contracted pneumonia and died.  Possibly contributing to his pneumonia was a practice of Jackson to put cold towels on his stomach to help with his pains.  This had been done without knowledge of his doctor. 

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