Saturday, July 26, 2014

Movie Review: Harry Potter Kids

Harry Potter Kids: Biography: Reveal the Magic Behind the Success of the Harry Potter Stars A&E  2008.
This is a good documentary to say where the Harry Potter Kids are from, but I was hoping for something about where they are now.  In this I was disappointed.  I guess I should have realized this from the elongated title; and also from the date the movie came out.  It predates the finish of the Harry Potter series.   However, only Daniel Radcliffe had previous movie acting experience.  He had portrayed the young David Copperfield in a movie made the year previous to harry Potter.  Emma Watson and Rupert Grint had stage experience, at school and community theater, but had never been in movies prior to Harry Potter.  It interviewed each of the three about getting the parts.  Looking back now, these three are the characters, harry Potter, Hermione and Ron Weasley.  So in the end, a good bit of data about how they were cast, and nothing of their life after Harry Potter.

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