Sunday, July 6, 2014

Movie Review: Apacalypse: WWII: World Ablaze

This movie starts with the entry of the United States into the war.  This happened with Pearl Harbor.  The Japanese, although making peace gestures to the United States, had for some time planned to take the offensive in attacking Hawaii, in an effort to extend their power and control throughout the Pacific.  The needed space, and resources to extend their war machine.  They hoped a quick strike would give them the upper hand in the Pacific.  However, their efforts missed the aircraft carriers, while inflicting most of its damage against the battle ships. 
Japan's first strike was completely successful.  However they did not follow up with a second attack, which would have crippled the U.S. fleet.  As it was it was only bloodied. 
Before the next major battle, the U.S. had cracked the Japanese secret code, and new what the Japanese were planning.  The hoped to take Midway to be able to control from the air much of the area.  As they approached, the U.S. carriers were waiting.  Although the first wave of U.S. torpedo boats failed to make any strikes, they paved the way for the dive bombers, who proved more successful.  So with a fallen American, watching from the water, the Japanese carriers were decimated.  Following the battle, the Japanese still had naval superiority, but the odds were evened.  The Japanese also attempted to construct to construct an air base on Guadalcanal.  This lead to an allied response and invasion of the island, with subsequent Japanese reinforcements.  This lead to a long battle both at sea, in terms of controlling the ability to reinforce; and on land.  Eventually the Allies gained superiority and the Japanese were forced to evacuate.
This movie also presented the war in Europe, particularly in Russia.  After being driven back the previous winter, the German forces made another advance towards Stalingrad and Moscow.  This was known as Black Summer.  Again Russia employed a scorched earth policy.  But overall the Germans were able to pursue their march towards the Russian populated areas.  However the Germans split their force, trying to conquer Stalingrad for it industrial importance, and the Caucasus for oil.  This proved to be a bit too much to accomplish, and lead to stalemate. 

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