Saturday, July 5, 2014

Biography: Wrong-Way Corrigan

Wrong-Way Corrigan:  Talk a out your different kind of stories.  This information is from the book by E. Randall Floyd, The Good The Bad and the Mad.
Douglas Corrigan was obsessed with the idea of owning his own airplane, and flying across the Atlantic.  He idolized Charles Lindbergh.  In 1933 he bought and old plane, which would bring him fame.  He spent all his extra time working on the plane.  By 1937 he was ready.  He added extra fuel tanks and was granted permission to fly across the United States, Los Angeles to New York.  When he arrived at New York, no one believed that he would cross the United States in such a rickety plane.  His request to fly across the Atlantic was denied.  He was given permission to return home.  He took off in a fog.  His main compass was out of order.  A smaller compass on the floor was difficult to see.  When he thought he should have been over New Mexico or Arizona, he discovered he was over ocean.  Could he have flown over the Pacific.  He decided to continue on, and eventual saw land.  He recognized a large city, Dublin, Ireland.  Deliberate deception or honest mistake

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