Saturday, July 12, 2014

Movie Review: Apocalypse: The Second World War: The Noose

Russia stalled again in their attacks of Russia.  This time the were unable to capture Leningrad nor Stalingrad, and Moscow was still just a dream.  The Nazis continued to make progress in Stalingrad.  The crept slowly, inch by inch through they city.  They tried to get the Russians with flame throwers.  While the Germans were struggling the Russians were planning to take the offensive.  With stepped up manufacturing, recruitment of a million man, and supplies getting through the German submarines by use of American convoys, Russia was prepared.
While the Germans fought towards Stalingrad, their flanks were covered by third parties.  To the North they were covered by Italians.  To the south by soldiers from captured countries Romania and Bulgaria.  The Russians planned to attack  both flanks, and envelope the Germans.  That is what they did.  Hitler ordered the Germans to stay and fight at all costs, no not retreat.  He did not want to admit that Germany was not the right thing to do.  However his troops were in a hopeless situation, and more were killed.  It was said a soldier died every seven seconds during this time. 
At the same time, Montgomery was finally able to stop Rommel's advance in Egypt at El ALamein.  This was the fist victory the British has in the war against the Germans.  It also marke  change in the war, as Germany went from the offensive to the defensive. 
The Americans, and French invaded French Morocco.  They were fighting the French Vichy troops.  It took a coupe of days for General De Gaulle to convince the French government in Morocco to change sides.  The Allies had a strong hold in Africa from which to launch attacks against Algeria and Libya.
This lead to the German army taking the last remaining territory in southern France which they had not conquered. This was an area where many Jews had fled, and now they were at the mercy of the Germans.  Many were hid by French families.
Hitler hoped to capture the French fleet.  However, most of the boats were scuttled.  The French did not know if they should give them to the Allies or the Germans, so in the end destroyed their own fleet.
The Germans thought they had a chance for counterattack in Russia.  The Russians had pushed too far forward in Kursk.  Even though the Russians had more tanks, the Germans had the Tiger tank with better armor and a bigger gun.  This is the largest armored battle in history to that time.  However the Russians had an advantage the Germans weren't aware of.  The British had cracked the German codes, and the attack and plans where known to the Russians.  This allowed for the implementation of defense, which proved the deciding factor of he battle.  The Germans did not achieve their objectives. 
The Allies also started a new front in Italy, in Cicily.  The Italian people ousted Mussolini, and decided to change sides in the war.  However, Germany rescued Mussolini from his imprisonment, and then conquered Italy, to restore Mussolini to his dictatorship.  The German hopes now lay on their defending the European coast from invasion.  They had to repel any invasion back into the sea within 24 hours.  Coastal defenses were placed form Norway to Spain.

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