Friday, July 18, 2014

Slave Fugitive: Ann Maria Weems: Age Fifteen

Ann Maria Weems was fifteen when she ran from slavery.  She was the property of Mr. Price.  Mr. Price would rape his young female slaves, so as to breed them and make more slaves.  Ann Maria was worried of her fate.  An abolitionist lawyer had been able to purchase the freedom of Ann Maria’s mother and brother.  However he refused to sell Ann Maria.  Price had an inkling Ann Maria might attempt escape.  He made her sleep on the floor of his room.  However, she did get away, and made her way to Washington D.C. where her mother and brother were living.  A reward of $500 was offered, and slave hunters in the D.C. area were on the look-out for Ann Maria. 
The lawyer was still helping the family, and an intricate plan was devised for her to get out of the city.  J. Bigelow, the lawyer, as a doctor to help in the plan.  The Dr. was driven by coach to the White House.  Making it look like he had business.  Ann Maria, now disguised as Joe Wright, the coachman, took over at the coach, and then starting heading out of the city.  In this way they made their way to the home of an Under Ground Railroad member.  She was invited to eat, still disguised as Joe Wright.  When the manager came in, she still kept up her disguise until she went outside where the manager followed her.  She then revealed who she was, as she had been cautioned to tell no one who she was but the manager. 
She was assisted on her way to Dresden in Canada where she was met by her aunt and uncle who lived there.

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