Saturday, April 21, 2012

Historical Documentary Movie Summary

Most of these movies have an historical flavor.

***** 2016 Obama's America
***** The Battle for Midway: National Geographic
****^ Treasures in Heaven: The John Tanner Story
****^ Lincoln
**** Faith in Every Footstep  Mormon Pioneers
**** The Disappeared  (documentary)  Argentina and the Disappeared
**** The Ghosts of Machu Pichu; Nova
**** A Story of Strength (History of Church in England)
**** Taylor Swift: Journey to Fearless
**** 9/11 2002
**** Paper Clips (about the Holocaust)
**** Extreme Christmas Trees,
**** The Flight that Fought Back
**** Pearl Harbor:Legacy of Attack: National Geographic
***^ Stonewall Jackson: Biography
***^ Overview of Church History
***^ A New World: Book of Mormon Documentary(You Tube)
***^ Overview of Church History
***^ John Baker's Last Race (BYU)
***^ Secrets of the Viking Sword
***^ The Emmett Smith Story (BYU)
***^ Bee Gees; In Our Time
***^ Pistol Pete Maravich: The LSU Years
***^ The American Experience: The Donner Party
***^ Abraham Lincoln's Assassination
***^ Gimme Shelter (documentary) (musical)  The Rolling Stones and concert at Altamont Pass
***^ The Crossing  George Washington portrayed by Jeff Daniels  (this is dramatized history)
***^ The New World: Nightmare in Jamestown: National Geographic
***^ Fletwood Mac: Rumours
*** Ken Burns: The West: The People,  Empire Upon the Trails,  Speck of the Future,  Death Runs Riot,
*** Road to Zion: British Isles
*** Simon and Garfunkel: The Harmony Game
**^ Simon and Garfunkel: Songs of America
**^ Brothers: On Holy Ground  (9-11 movie)
* The 11th of September: Moyers in Conversation (documentary)
* September 11 (documentary)  9/11 from an Islamic view point
* When the Bough Breaks (documentary)  About African American low-birth weight

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