Sunday, May 29, 2016

Native American Biographies: Comanche Leaders

Quannah Parker is of mixed ethnicity.  His mother, Cynthia Ann Parker was taken captive by the Comanche and when she became of marrying age she married Peta Nocona.  Quannah was their first child.  His mother would have another couple of babies.  Texas Rangers attacked and liberated his mother, and sister.  His father and brother were killed.  Quannah was left without a family.  He was adopted by the Quohada Comanche.
Quannah was a warrior during the 1860s.  By distinguishing himself in raids he was made a sub-chief.  During the 60s the Comanches killed many people upon the plains.  The government took notice, and sent peace negotiators.  Medicine Lodge Treaty was accepted by many groups.  Many groups signed the treaty, and moved to reservations.  Parker was not among them.  Most of the Comanche sub-chiefs vowed not to be forced onto a reservation.  Many raids were made against the Comanche, but usually failed to find them.  At Adobe Walls, Texas the Comanche fought a hard fight.  This was a large scale attack after Isatai, a medicine man had guaranteed the  bullets could not hit them if they did a Sun Dance.  The promise failed, and many warriors were killed.  After this other sub-chiefs accepted reservation life.  Parker led his men to the reservation in 1875 and turned himself in.  After being so against reservation life, he now accepted it and promoted assimilation.  He became a judge for Indian people.  After fighting against the railroad, he now became an investor.  He was popular amonst WHites as a speaker, perhaps because of his mixed heritage.

Isatai was a medicine man who predicted that the White bullets would not hit them if they performed a Sun Dance.  Sun Dance was not a usual practice for the Comanche.  They did it anyway.  They attacked a buffalo hunting camp.  The buffalo guns killed many of  the warriors.  After this Isatai lost favor.  Quannah Parker would never trust medicine men again.

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