Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Native American Biographies: John Grass: Sioux

John Grass was a Sioux leader.  He attended the Indian School in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  He used his knowledge to better his people.  He fought at the Battle of Little Big Horn.  He was a friend of Gall.  In later life he was most known as a rival to Sitting Bull.  The Indian agent Major James McGlaughlin set Grass up as the Sioux leader after Sitting Bull surrendered in 1881.  Over Sitting Bull's objections, Grass was manipulated into signing a treaty breaking up the Sioux Reservation.  During the Ghost dance movement Grass advocated for peace, which did not make him popular among the Sioux.  Reduced property rights, and the federals did not provide food as promised lead to much poverty, which created the environment for the Ghost Dance movement to begin with.  When treaty obligations were not met by the government. Grass traveled to Washington as part of a commission to try to convey Lakota grievances.  He was known as a good talker, but also as a "yes" man.

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