Saturday, May 28, 2016

Native American Biography: Southern California Indians

Juan Antonio Cahuilla  Juan Antonio, powerful chief of the Cahuilla in southern California was a friend of the whites.  What he did, saved hundreds of lives if not more, and made life in the California early days safer.  Early on he helped early White explorer in the area, including Daniel Sexton and Lieutenant Edward F. Beale.  This support included keeping them safe from Ute warriors lead by Walkara who use to invade the area looking for Mexican horses.  He was awarded a pair of military epaulets for him assistance.  He supported the Californios during the Mexican-American War in fighting against Luisenos who had killed several Californios.
Antonio did more for the settlers.  They had greater issues with bandits than Native Americans.  Especially with John Irving and his men.  They were killing locals, raiding the area and stealing cattle.  Juan Antonio and his men tracked them down, and killed John Irving and all his men but one.  White settlers weren't sure what to think however.  Indians killing whites couldn't be a good thing even if it ridded the territory of these bad men.  When Antonio Garra rebelled against white encroachment, he as well as whites asked for Juan Atonio's help.  Antonio was still loyal to the Whites, and helped capture Garra, and gave him over to the whites who tried him and hung him.  the Cahuilla were devastated by small pox, and many died, including Antonio in 1863.

Antonio Garra Cupeno  Garra opposed White expansion into Southern California.  He was upset as miners, ranchers, Mexicans and Mormons came into the area.  He wanted to organize a united revolt of California Indians.  He also said he could transform enemy's bullets to water.  Several bands joined him, and others stayed neutral.  The influential chief Juan Antonio however chose to support the Whites and captures Antonio Garra, turned him over to the Whites, and thus ended the campaign.  The Whites tried and hung Garra.

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