Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Native American Biography: Josiah and Milly Francis

Josiah and Milly Hayo Francis are father and daughter.  Josiah is of mixed parentage, but identified with the Creek and Seminole.  He was of the Red Stick warring faction of the Creek and supported Tecumsah in his efforts to form a Pan American Indian Alliance.  He fought against Andrew Jackson who referred to Francis as a prophet.  When the Creek lost the first war, they had to give up millions of acres.  Francis was forced to sign the treaty.  In 1815 Francis journeyed to England to recruit English support for the Native Americans.  He was captured in 1818 and Jackson ordered his execution.
During the first Creek war, Josiah Francis had captured George McKinnon and order his execution by fire.  His daughter Milly Hayo Francis plead for his life from his father.  She said she would burn with him.  He was released, and stayed with the tribe until he was sold as a slave to the Spanish.  After the death of her father, Milly showed up with a group of women and children at an army post.  McKinnon, who had escaped was there and spared her life.  She refused his offer of marriage, feeling he must have felt obligated.  For her support during the first Creek war, Milly was granted a government pension, which she never received.  She did walk the trail of Tears and lived her final years in Oklahoma.  

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