Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Native American Biography: Charles Curtis: Vice President

The highest political office ever held by someone of Native American descent in the U.S. is vice president held by Charles Curtis of Kansa ethnicity.  Curtis grew up in Kansas and established a law practice in Topeka.  He ventured into national politics at the age of 33, becoming a congressman.  He took an active roll in Indian affairs serving as chairman of the Committee on Indian Depredations.  He served there until 1907 when he became part of the Senate.  He served the Senate for 18 years, and became first the Republican Whip and then the Senate majority leader.  In 1929 he began serving as Vice President with President Herbert Hoover.  He is the last individual to be single and serve as vice president.  Curtis was a widower at the time.  He and his wife Annie Elizabeth Baird had three children.  After serving as vice president he returned to law.  He passed away a few years later.  He is buried in Topeka, Kansas.

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