Saturday, May 21, 2016

Native American Biographies: Joseph and Mary Brant: Mohawk, Iroquois Confederacy

Mary and Joseph had close ties with the British during the revolutionary War.  Mary was Joseph's older sister.  Mary had married Sir William Johnson, British superintendent of Indian Affairs.  He took Joseph under his wing.  Consequently, Joseph fought for the British in both the french and Indian War as well as the Revolutionary War.  He was a leader, and influential in convincing most of the Mohawks to fight with the British.  His mentor died shortly before the war.  Molly was also influential and convinced many to fight with the British.
When the treaty ended the conflict, the Iroquois were left out.  John Brant was influential in rectifying this with the British.  The Iroquois were granted land in Canada, and it was this move that lead to many who fought against America in the Revolutionary War, relocating to Canada.  This of course included Joseph and Mary Brant.

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