Monday, May 30, 2016

Native American Biographies: Creek White Sticks vs Red Sticks, Menewa and William McIntosh

Menewa was the lead of the Red Sticks (warring group of the Creek Indians.)  William McIntosh had committed a murder, and Whites took their anger out on Menewa, burning his village.  After this he joined the Red Sticks.  He fought Andrew Jackson during the Creeks War.  Menewa was appointed executioner of William McIntosh after he had ceded 25 million acres of Creek land.

William McIntosh lead to pro-American group of the Creek Indians, known as the White Sticks.  He and his followers sought close relations with the Americans, even at the cost of ceding Creek land.  As a result of ceding the remaining land of the Creeks east of the Mississippi he was murdered.

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